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The Healthcare Professional Liability Review serves as a scholarly, peer-reviewed, national and international information exchange for the analysis of contemporary professional liability challenges confronting healthcare, legal, and insurance professionals.  The Healthcare Professional Liability Review advances creative solutions with the objective of mitigating the adverse consequences of medical malpractice claims and litigation.  

The Healthcare Professional Liability Review seeks articles relevant to its stated objective, with the focus on perceptive, discerning articles that positively impact the healthcare, legal, and insurance professions individually and collectively.  Articles are submitted on an open submission basis at any time.  If accepted for review and approved for publication, articles will be published and available to readers on line and be also be incorporated into an annual edition.   All articles are submitted through the Open Journal System portal on the Healthcare Professional Liability Review website (  Acknowledgment of receipt and the progress of review are provided to the submitting authors.  All authors are treated with professional courtesy and respect throughout the process.

The Editorial Board is comprised of outstanding professionals in the fields of healthcare, law, and insurance.  All Board members are seasoned practitioners and intellectuals who are devoted to the dissemination of quality information that enhances the professional liability knowledge and skill sets of practitioners in their respective professions. 

Posted: 2016-09-20

Are You a Healthcare Profession Who Doesn’t Know What e-Discovery Is?


A new article, Are You a Healthcare Profession Who Doesn’t Know What e-Discovery Is?, is posted and available for your perusal.  Please also consider joining the e-Discovery forum to comment upon the article or to post information and comments regarding the impact of e-Discovery upon litigation of professional liability cases.


View Article: Are You A Healthcare Professional Who Doesn’t Know What e-Discovery Is?

Posted: 2016-09-20

Healthcare Liability Review Discussion Board


In keeping with a contemporary focus on information exchange, Healthcare Professional Liability Review now has a Discussion Forum which will host discussions related to the articles published in the journal, as well as other topics that fit within the scope of information and issues addressed by this journal. 

Although you can read all of the threads and posts in the forum areas, you will not be able to post to the forum if you are not a member. To join in the forum, please establish a user ID and password to log onto Healthcare Professional Liability Review.  Next click on the link to the forum and request to be a member of the forum.  There is no charge whatsoever to be a member of the forum in order to join in the discussions. It may take up to 48 hours to receive confirmation of your member status.  When confirmed, an email will advise you of the confirmation.

Posted: 2016-09-20

Publication Frequency


Healthcare Professional Liability Review is available online. Hard copies of the articles may be obtained upon request.  Articles accepted for publication will be published on line on an ongoing basis.  Individual articles will be accessible and viewable on line once published and will later be archived into an annual issue.    All published articles will remain available on line for viewing regardless of the publicaton date and can be searched by title, keyword, date, issue, or author using the search engine available on this website.

Posted: 2016-06-07
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